Andrea Flanagan is an American Southwest songstress with a strong Rock music foundation, Blues-infused vocals and Indie-Folk tendencies. 

A creature of passion and adventure, Andrea is inspired by her travels and the people she meets along the way. She believes any good story or moving experience can be turned into a great song. Year after year, she delivers every performance with a level of honesty audiences can easily connect with. Often likened to artists like Mazzy Star, KT Tunstall, Janis Joplin and Britney Howard, her powerful sound continues to flourish and create a stirring force of ardor for those who listen. 


The Road features a collection of songs directly inspired by experiences Andrea had while touring and traveling around the country and the world. In "Bask", she explores what it means to stand in the castle ruins where her ancestors once stood and in the title track "The Road", her soothing harmonies celebrate the carefree attitude of the open road. With soulful singing and powerful messages, the album captures the feelings and ideas one is struck by while going through different stages of an exploratory adventure. Released in March of 2020, she was unable to tour in support of the album due to the pandemic, so she instead followed up this release with a podcast series called "Where Music Takes You" where she interviewed artists from around the world about their own musical journeys. The conversations were meaningful connections and great introductions to creators of all types. The series concluded with an impressive 7 hour streaming event in December of 2020 to raise money for the Toys For Tots Foundation. The stream-a-thon entitled We All Play featured performances, special guests and trivia contests to encourage donations during a time when people needed the most help, thus adding to a legacy of The Road that goes well beyond being an album of artistic expression.


“Andrea played a private media gig, and I was stunned. She has a southern flavor voice, with passion and commitment, she is fearless, yet compassionate, she sings with feeling and emotion, she makes you remember your past, and yet hopeful for your future. She sings and you feel it.”

 - Ron, Musical Soup 

"One of the best single acts I have seen in a while. Such soul full music." 

- Royce Kincanon, Mr. Music


"Andrea Flanagan is a White Mountain girl who once had stars in her eyes for the big time music-world. Today, she still has stars, but after coming face-to-face with someone who really needed her musical gifts, she is directing that twinkle in her eye in another direction – writing from the heart and not for just 15 minutes of fame." Mountain Music From The Heart, The White Mountain Independent

Joy's Song Featured on Debuted CD - "The Road" by Andrea Flanagan - COTA for Joy L




AZ Regional Vocal Contest Winner 2011

Featured in Talent Monthly January 2015

RAW Denver Showcase Contest Winner 2016

Musical Soup TV Show Featured Artist 2018

Aldora Britain Records Compilation Artist - Flowered up 2020


Colorado Music Business Organization